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Chic and Stylish in Black and White

Regardless of the season, black and white is always on trend. Sophisticated and timeless, our black and white leggings are some of our top sellers!

Our Top 5 Hottest Black and White Leggings:

  1. B & W Floral: This playful white and gray floral against a black backdrop adds a touch of sophisticated fun to your wardrobe. Pair it with a simple black tunic or add a splash of colour. 


The shades of gray and white look particularly stunning when paired with one of our flowy, Brae Sleeveless tunics. Our Rose and Indigo Blue tunics make these leggings pop.

2. Black Frost: One of our leading sellers, this Black Frost legging is in a league of its own. Black_frost_1__85068.1484858159.jpg

Stunning and versatile, this pattern looks incredible with any colour top you choose.

3. Black Orchid: Orchids are known for their classic beauty and this pattern doesn’t disappoint. One of my LegArt favourites, these black orchids pop against the cool white background. 


Dress up this look with one of our gorgeous Marilyn tunics.

4. Just Rosey: There’s nothing more beautiful than the simplicity of a rose in full bloom. The full white roses and leaves give visual interest against this black legging. 


Add striking contrast to your look by adding a vibrant top, like our Christy Red featured in this photo.

5. Notes: Perfect for music aficionados. White musical notes against a simple black background. Notes_1__95595.1486607996.jpg

Pair it with one of our Betty Short Sleeves tops for a crisp look.


What’s your favourite pair of LegArt Black and White leggings?

The LegArt Team

Visit us at legart.ca to see our full lineup of spring fashions.